Locking applications with SecureKids 22/01/2016

You know how a works and also how to with SecureKids. Now, in this post, we’ll go another step further. We will explain another of the main features of SecureKids: app control.

Parental Control SecureKids icon

Parental Control SecureKids

By Grupo Deidev

v0.23 10MB

50.000 - 100.000


To block applications correctly, the first thing you do is click on the Application´s menu.

apps panel

Now will show you a complete list of applications that your son/daughter has installed on the device. In addition, a submenu that divides applications by categories appears:

  • All
  • Games
  • Comunication
  • Browsers
  • Social Networks
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Other

Along with the long list of applications you will see a small bar in purple. If you click on the button, the list changes to gray. What is the difference? If this bar is purple, the application is unlocked; if the bar is gray, the APP is locked. So remember:

  • Purple bar: Application unblocked. It can be used.
  • Gray bar: Application blocked. It can not be used.

blocking app panel

Therefore, to block applications, it is necessary to slide the button this bar either side. But also, you can block applications individually or by topic. How does it work? Very easy. Let the upper submenu of the application list and we click, for example, in Communication. Here is a small list of applications appears. Only Communication apps that your child has installed on the device appears. You can block a particular block or the entire list of communication applications. In the corner of the box, next to the search icon that lets you search for a particular application, there is a small icon of a key. Click on it and two options appear: lock and unlock all the social networking apps.

lock all apps

I hope you’ve learned to manage control applications. It’s very simple! Anyway, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help your child does not access any application that does not want.