El día 11 es el día del Internet Seguro, y no podíamos olvidarnos de la importancia de este día. Por esta razón os traemos diferentes consejos para navegar de forma segura por internet. En el día a día todos utilizamos internet, ¿pero realmente lo utilizamos sin exponernos a algún tipo de peligros?

Tips to safely browse the net 10/10/2019

Nowaways, most of us have access to the internet, and we are able get connected anywhere in the world. We can enjoy all the benefits of the internet anywhere in the world thanks to the new technologies.

We can get connected to the internet from our smartphones that practically all of us have in our pockets or from home with landline-free broadband conections.

Over time, mobile phone brands have evolved, some of them have grown considerably, others did not have such luck and have fallen. It is common that many companies that did very well in the past have failed to adapt itself to the new market and events, so their popularity sunk.