En esta web hemos hablado varias veces de lo que es el ciberbullying, que como te recuerdo, es una práctica muy usada por los menores de cierta edad o incluso por los adultos, por la cual realizan acoso de forma digital aprovechándose del anonimato que este tipo de tecnologías puede ofrecer.

Check your questions and doubts on the Internet Segura 4 Kids phone

Today I bring good news to all of you, especially for the little ones at home and their families. There is already a phone number you can call to check your doubts and questions about security and the threats of the internet! It’s a completely free phone number. It has been created to solve your doubts and answer your questions about safety and threats of the internet. It’s aimed not only at parents and educators, but also at kids and teenagers who might need it.

Even though has a great number of features, there is always something you could miss, either because we can’t do everything or because there are some features we are not able to improve or develop. This is the case of Youtube, as it belongs to the almighty Google, it has its own parental control to control the videos minors can watch.

How people interact with other peers has changed over time. This has been a fact since the social media phenomenon came into our lives. Now, interacting in real life has been shifted to the background level, people prefer to stay online at home . With the internet boom, the use of computers had been increasing slowly. The arrival of Hotmail was the first stepping stone to make this happen.

The development of new technologies is change our lifestyle. It’s not only changing the elderly people’s lives, now you can practically do bureaucratic paperwork online, and make an online inquiry as well. You don’t need to look for a number in the yellow pages or in the phonebook nor wait with your smartphone until you get an answer back. The internet has revolutionized our way of living and also ours kids’.