What is Sexting?

what is sexting

Sexting is the send of images or videos with sexual content through the different social networks. This content is made by the sender and it’s received by another person using mobile devices.

The problem is than using modern technologies, this sexual contents can spread in a very fast and uncontrollable way. This makes possible than the content can become of public domain, alongside the consequences this can bring to a child doing sexting.

Now we have to differ between active and passive sexting. The active one is when the child makes photos or videos of him/herself, meanwhile the passive happens when this content is received.

Also according to studies made in the United States, the active sexting is done more frequently by girls, while the passive one is more practiced by boys.

Advices about sexting?

To avoid yours or your friends content to spread in the internet follow these advices to avoid being a victim of this practice.

  • Do not make this kind of private photos or videos, because at the moment you share them you will lose any control you had over them, and you won't know where they can end. So, make sure not making this content, neither allow anybody, to avoid being involved in sexting

  • If you receive sexual content never share them, because it can have serious consequences to you and the owner of the content. Always remember that you are accomplice of a crime if you share sexual content.

  • Avoid inviting the creation of this type of content, because even if you don’t have any ill intention, somebody can access to these files and share them in the internet.