About us Our goal is to offer security without neglecting the privacy

This is our story

SecureKids team is formed of eight young computer engineers from Malaga University whom decided to start working together in a new stage which could satisfy our career aspirations, that’s when we started creating Web solutions using Cloud Technology and developing Mobile Apps.

With the knowledge gained in our degree, the experience gained in other jobs and the multidisciplinary we have in our team we have had the determinant keys to archieve this thrilling project.

It all started with the idea of offering the parents a protection against the threats that the youngest of the family can find on the Internet, especially considering that Internet users are getting younger, and the needs to give them a greater security.

Those mobile devices can be of great utility for them, but at the same time can be really harmful if used wrongly.

These motifs are what made us create SecureKids Parental Control.

Equipo SecureKids

Meet the Team (please excuse the kangaroo, she is very shy)

Manuel Gómez

Lead programmer

With national and international experience, he is our leader whenever we have to develope web technologies.

Ismael Torres

Communications Manager

Mobile devices always have to be sending and receiving data from our servers, that’s why we need an expert who assures all the communications are working perfectly and under the right protocols.

Micaela Yanina Rossi

Integration Manager

She is in charge of making our app to get all the advantages Google offer us, integration their tools into our system.

Ángel José Martin

Ex-partner and cofounder

Development and test management.

Juan Luis Carrasco

Ex-partner and cofounder

Android development and Google environment.

Álvaro Racero

Software architect and Systems Administrator

A person like him is always needed in a team, as he makes sure our servers and services are available everyday.

Daniel Otalecu

Cloud Systems Manager

He is in charge of the security of our applications and the one who assures their proper operation in the “Cloud”.

Samuel Ramírez

Quality Manager

With him in your team you can assure everything is done with the highest possible quality.