Los padres siempre quieren lo mejor cuando se trata de la seguridad de sus hijos. Es por este motivo que los vigilabebés se encuentran entre los dispositivos de preferencia cuando se acerca la llegada de un bebé. Este dispositivo es de gran utilidad, tanto para brindar una mayor tranquilidad a los padres, como una mayor seguridad a los niños.

Nowadays, we can see how often in the networks there are challenges that become viral.

Sometimes they are for good cause like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” where you had to throw buckets of ice water to raise awareness about the ELA. But these challenges do not remain here, there are also other ones that can lead to serious injuries.

Today is the night of Hallowen. It’s a wonderful party so you do not have to worry about mobile devices. That is why we are not going to talk about parental control or child protection, not even about technology or mobile devices. In this interesting list, we will collect funny games so that the youngest of the house enjoy a night of fear.