General Conditions


These General Conditions regulate the acquisition of the services offered on the website, owned by GRUPO DEIDEV S. COOP. AND (hereinafter, SECUREKIDS).

The acquisition of any of the services entails the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions indicated, without prejudice to the acceptance of the Particular Conditions that may be applicable when acquiring certain services.

These General Conditions may be modified without prior notification, therefore, it is advisable to carefully read its contents before proceeding to the acquisition of any of the services offered.


SECUREKIDS, in compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, informs you that:

      Its corporate name is: GRUPO DEIDEV S. COOP. AND.
      Its commercial name is: SECUREKIDS.
      Your CIF is: F93367290.
      Its registered office is at: CARLINDA STREET, NUM. 5, PLANT 5, DOOR E – 29010 Málaga.
      It is registered in the Register of Cooperatives of Andalusia.


To communicate with us, we put at your disposal different means of contact that we detail below:

All notifications and communications between users and SECUREKIDS will be considered effective, for all purposes, when they are made through any of the means detailed above.


The services offered for families, along with the main features of the same and their price appear on the page These prices and functionalities detailed on the page are only for families, leaving companies out of these price ranges and functionalities.

In the case of companies, SECUREKIDS has a specific service for these, so it is strictly forbidden to include companies in SECUREKIDS for families.

However, the conditions of service for companies should be requested by them, and may be appropriate for each specific case.

In the case of family accounts, no user can have more than 1 account in SecureKids. If the user wishes to have more than one account, this will be considered as a company, and therefore, must contract the service for companies.

SECUREKIDS reserves the right to decide, at any time, the products and / or services offered to Users. In this way, SECUREKIDS may, at any time, add new products and / or services to those currently offered. Also, SECUREKIDS, reserves the right to withdraw or stop offering, at any time, and without prior notice, any of the services offered.

In addition, SECUREKIDS confirms that it is the sole owner or licensee of all intellectual and industrial property rights in SecureKids. The access and use of our web-based services and the content does not imply a transfer of all or part of these rights in your case.

All SecureKids Users agree not to use any component of our brand, name, logo, commercial domain name or any other distinctive feature owned by SECUREKIDS without the explicit consent of SECUREKIDS.

Once inside and to access the contracting of the different services, the User must follow all the instructions indicated in the purchase process, which will mean the reading and acceptance of all the general and specific conditions set in this document.

In case of termination of the service, for any reason, SECUREKIDS will proceed to the elimination of the User’s account and the data associated with it, with the exception of backup copies. Likewise, SECUREKIDS reserves the right to keep such information, as protection, in case of suspicion that the User may have incurred in any illegality or any of the conditions determined in this contract.

Finally, the User will be solely responsible for the configuration made in the control panel of the service, leaving SECUREKIDS free from any fault in case this causes problems to third parties.


Basic user data is required, such as username, password, email address and location of the devices that are under parental control.



For the provision of services, SECUREKIDS, will give access in the following way:

  1. The User fills in the data of the form to register, receives a confirmation email.
  2. Once confirmed, you can access the User’s profile and make the changes or perform the parental control on the different devices.
  3. In each of the devices that you want to control, you must access the User and password of the registration.

SECUREKIDS is not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur to said User as a result of failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks and that cause suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service during the provision thereof.

SECUREKIDS is not responsible for any of the activities carried out by the User, in addition to the processing of personal data collected by SecureKids, the User being solely responsible for them.

With the acceptance of these general conditions, you agree not to use the service for any illicit purpose, or purpose of infringing the rights of third parties.


You guarantee that you are over 18 years of age and owner or lessee of the devices in which the software associated with your account is installed. You guarantee that there is no User older than 13 years with access to such devices that includes software or has your consent for such activity.

In addition, the User must register at through a data collection form in which SECUREKIDS is provided with the necessary information for contracting; data that in any case will be truthful, exact and complete about your identity and that the User must expressly consent by accepting SECUREKIDS ‘privacy policy, which can be found at

Likewise, it is recommended that the User print and / or keep a durable copy of the conditions of sale when placing his order, as well as proof of receipt sent by SECUREKIDS by email.

In the confirmation of the account, you are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the SecureKids Service in accordance with these Terms.


The User agrees to:

Make the payment of the service in time, economic amount and form specified in the service, or agreed with the company, according to the plan chosen by the User.

The payment of an economic amount as service provision will be made through the platform provided by SECUREKIDS, or through the form indicated by the company otherwise.

In the automatic renewal, the price will be the current one in that period of time.

The purchase or acquisition of SECUREKIDS protection service will last for 1 year, being renewed automatically, this is given in all versions of SECUREKIDS, unless otherwise agreed.

SECUREKIDS reserves the right to suspend or terminate the agreement and access to the services if the User does not accept or accept the payment according to the aforementioned conditions. In case of payment by credit card, the User authorizes SECUREKIDS to charge said credit card in the initial payment of the service and in its subsequent automatic renewal.

The prices stipulated by SECUREKIDS at all times include taxes that correspond to the area where the service is provided, whether VAT, or any other sales tax.

Payment arrears.

In case of delay in payment by the User, for a period exceeding 7 days, indicates the right by SECUREKIDS to cancel the subscription of the control and monitoring service to the User.

As a general rule, the non-payment of the SECUREKIDS service would imply a change of the type of account, passing this to have a configuration of the free account that is available at that moment. This change is made in the manner that SECUREKIDS deems appropriate, and can even modify to the taste of SECUREKIDS, the configuration that is currently active by the User.

End of your contract.

In case of delay in payment by the User, for a period exceeding 7 days, indicates the right by SECUREKIDS to cancel the subscription of the control and monitoring service to the User.

The cancellation process can be done at any time, although it must be done through the access created for this purpose in the SecureKids web panel, which is located at In the case of a payment account, the cancellation of this account will not entail the reimbursement, neither total nor partial, of the price paid for the service.

In case of cancellation of the renewal of the service, the user must make such cancellation 15 days before SECUREKIDS proceeds to collect the service, which will be made the same day of the end of the current contract at that time.

SECUREKIDS reserves the right to suspend or cancel any registration, if this causes the breach of the conditions determined here. In addition, SECUREKIDS may suspend or cancel your account at any time, as long as it is free. In case of being a Premium account, SECUREKIDS also reserves the right to cancel your account, as long as it is for infraction of the conditions specified here, in which case, you will be notified of the infraction through the email provided by the User , and if after 15 days the infraction continues, the account will be canceled, leaving the User without any consideration.

Right of withdrawal.

The User is entitled to a refund of the price of the service, as long as his return is between 14 days after payment. Once this test time of 14 days has passed, the economic return of the service can not occur under any circumstances.

For the economic return of the service within 14 days, the User must send an email to [email protected] requesting an economic refund for the payment of the service.

Once the economic return has been made to the SecureKids user, the account will become a free version of the service with the features and conditions that the SecureKids price page indicates at that time.


Once the corresponding payment has been made by the User, he will receive an email confirming the payment made, in addition to having access to his purchase ticket at any time from the web panel SecureKids has available.


The present conditions will be governed by current Spanish legislation.

The language used will be Spanish.