How to create emergencies with SecureKids 05/04/2016

After explaining how SecureKids or and many other functionalities, we will now explain one of the main elements of our service, emergencies. This feature allows you to create an alert message in situations where your child wants it and, if possible, taking a picture of the moment.

It may seem a bit complex to run SecureKids emergencies, but it’s really easy to set up Emergencies on SecureKids, if you know how.


Crear Emergencias con SecureKids
In order for your child can create emergencies when is in danger, it is necessary to have a widget on the mobile device, with which, just by clicking on it, the children send an alert to their parents with information such as location and a photograph on the emergency.
To set the widget on your children’s devices, do the following:

  • On the device where you installed SecureKids, click and hold the screen on black site and you will see three options: Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings.
  • Click on the “WIDGETS” tab.
  • Look for the SecureKids Emergency Button (the image is a circle containing a bell).
  • Click on it and drag it onto the desktop.
  • Following these steps, your child will be ready to use it simply by clicking on the icon.

We will send you, an email, where the emergency that the child has requested will appear. This tool also takes a picture from the child’s device, so parents can have a better view of their child’s situation.

I’m sure you liked the explanation of how emergencies work in SecureKids. It was not that difficult, was it? Now that you know better how SecureKids works you can download the Android app from SecureKids and start using it on your children’s devices.

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