Problems with protection for Xiaomi(miui11)? 23/05/2021

If you have found that SecureKids can be closed on your child’s device, in case your child has a Xiaomi device or a device with a MIUI ROM, you should take the following steps to prevent the application from being disabled. All this is due to the memory management that have these types of distributions.

These steps will be useful for MIUI versions 10, 11 and 12. If you have problems with an older version, we recommend that you follow the steps explained here.

First of all, we must access apps settings and find SecureKids app, to grant the appropriate permissions:

  1. Go to Settings, and access to Apps.
  2. Now you must go to Manage apps.
  3. Here you must find SecureKids and enter


Permissions settings



We must check that the Automatic Start button is active.


Next we access other permissions. This screen shows all the permissions that are necessary for SecureKids to work perfectly. All permissions must be granted.

Other permissions

Finally we access the battery saver section. We check that it is set ‘ No restrictions.

Battery saver



With this solution you already have protected the devices of your children again uninstalling. Now you only have to configure SecureKids properly to ensure the protection of what you most love, your children.

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