Problems with protection for Xiaomi? 30/01/2017

If you have found that SecureKids can be closed on your child’s device, in case your child has a Xiaomi device or a device with a MIUI ROM, you should take the following steps to prevent the application from being disabled. All this is due to the memory management that have these types of distributions.

With this solution when your child tries to close SecureKids, it will automatically restart again.

To solve this, You can follow the following steps of this blog entry:

  • Enter the “Security” application. Marked with a red box in the image (Second row, second column).
  • xiaomi-security

  • Click on “Permissions”. Marked with a red box in the image.
  • BM-3

  • Click on “Automatic start”. Marked with a red box in the image.
  • miui-permissions-autostart

  • In this section all installed applications will appear, in this case you have to search for SecureKids and activate it in such a way that the button on the right side is activated (in this case, in blue).
  • autostar miui

  • Although, we have configured SecureKids to start automatically, now we have to give you all the necessary permissions to work properly. To do this press back and return to the screen we saw earlier. This time we click on “Permissions”.
  • miui-permissions-autostart-2

  • Here we find another list with all the applications installed, it’s time to look for SecureKids and click on it.
  • app list miui

  • This screen shows all the permissions that are necessary for SecureKids to work perfectly.
  • xiaomi-permision-securekids

  • To give you access, click on each one and we will accept it as shown in the following image. After doing this with all the permissions the screen should remain as the second image.
  • miui securitycenter

  • With this we have all the permissions, we only have one step, open SecureKids, enter in “Advanced” and click on “Security for MIUI” so that it is activated.
  • securekids setting


With this solution you already have protected the devices of your children again uninstalling. Now you only have to configure SecureKids properly to ensure the protection of what you most love, your children.

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