Improves SecureKids protection for Huawei 02/02/2017

Many of you may have encountered problems with the Huawei and Honor devices of your children. The SecureKids application can be closed! How is this possible? Although SecureKids work perfectly in Android, not all devices that have Android work just as they have slightly modified versions of this operating system.

This problem lies in the power saving functionality that has the Android version of Huawei, EMUI, this also happens with the Honor devices. This build of Android, has a feature by which, to save energy, the notifications work a little different. This causes the SecureKids application to close easily.

How to fix it step by step

Well, if before I brought you a tutorial to fix these same problems for , in which you could also close the application without having to have the password. Now I bring you the way to solve these same problems for Huawei or Honor. How? By following these steps:

  1. Enter the “Settings” menu of the child’s device where SecureKids is installed.
  2. settings huawei

  3. You can then find two situations, if you find “Protected Applications” enter it, and go directly to step 5.
  4. If you can not find it, search and click on “Battery saving”.
  5. Once inside, you should find the “Protected Applications” section.
  6. protected apps emui

  7. Here you can find a long list of applications on your device. Search the SecureKids app here.
  8. Finally click on the button next to the application of SecureKids, which will turn blue.


On some Huawei devices, you can also activate SecureKids on the following way:

  1. Access “Settings”.
  2. Then enter “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Finally you can enter “Battery Manager”.

Activate SecureKids now!

When you are finished with this you can exit the settings and check that everything works correctly.

Also check that app notifications are active at all times, just go to “Settings”, “Notification panel and status bar”, and then to “Notification manager”. Once inside, you will be able to verify that the options of the app of SecureKids are the correct ones as you have marked previously. In this case, all options must be accepted.

Finally, you must do one more thing, to block the access to the settings, so that these changes you just made can not be reversed.

How can I do that? Well it’s very simple, you just have to follow these steps, as I explain below:

  1. Enter the SecureKids application on the child’s device.
  2. Access to “Advanced Settings” with your user data.
  3. After that, in the list you will see “Block Settings”, activate it.

securekids app

Well now, yes, you have everything ready in the Huawei device so you can protect your children without problems with SecureKids.

Now, your child’s device is protected

It has been very easy! True? And in just a few seconds we have managed to protect the Huawei devices from our children. With this simple solution, you will prevent the SecureKids application from being able to shut down your children’s devices.

Now you only have to configure the protection of your children in our panel.

You can also see other articles in our , where we teach you to use each and every .

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