¿Qué es un ransomware?

Es un tipo de malware (programa dañino) que restringe el acceso a determinadas partes del sistema, o a sus archivos personales, y para poder recuperar el acceso total al sistema se exige un rescate, normalmente suele consistir en el pago de una gran suma de dinero o criptomonedas.

Nowadays, we can see how often in the networks there are challenges that become viral.

Sometimes they are for good cause like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” where you had to throw buckets of ice water to raise awareness about the ELA. But these challenges do not remain here, there are also other ones that can lead to serious injuries.

Check your questions and doubts on the Internet Segura 4 Kids phone

Today I bring good news to all of you, especially for the little ones at home and their families. There is already a phone number you can call to check your doubts and questions about security and the threats of the internet! It’s a completely free phone number. It has been created to solve your doubts and answer your questions about safety and threats of the internet. It’s aimed not only at parents and educators, but also at kids and teenagers who might need it.