Do we protect our children from the internet dangers? 22/09/2017

Smartphones, as well as many other devices, are already fully in the daily lives of people of all ages. They are very useful tools for many things, but they can also become very dangerous if they are not used properly.

Nowadays, it is very common that children receive their first smartphone during the 8 or 9 years, this age is sometimes reduced a little more when we talk about tablets. What many fathers and mothers are not aware of is that while they are being given a very powerful tool that opens the door to many possibilities for development and also many possible dangers.

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And is that according to a study prepared by S2 Group, a company specialized in cybersecurity. In this study we conclude that 75% of the parents did not implement any type of parental control in the mobile of their children. This percentage is alarming, parents can not forget their role of educating and protecting their children against new technologies.

Most importantly, before being a parental control it is that parents should educate them and tell them about the potential dangers and misuses that may be given to the connected devices. The best way to prevent this from happening is the dialogue of parents with children. This work can then be supported with parental control tools, which can block access to dangerous content or even regulate the number of hours that can use it to prevent some addiction.

If you choose to use a parental control tool, it is equally important to explain to the little ones that they have it installed, that will give them security, and that step by step, as they are learning and reaching their age, they will have increasing access to more uses of the device. Since a child who is hiding all this information, will end up trying to remove it by force, or even access that content, even by other means. They have to understand the danger!

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Nowadays, there is a great variety of very competent parental control programs, and among these is SecureKids. The philosophy of SecureKids is nothing more than transparency between parents and children, that is, the parent can manage and monitor the device remotely. In addition, the children will know at all times that they have put parental control and what configurations have put, as well as request permissions.

What features does SecureKids have?

Some of the features that SecureKids offers are:

  • STATS: The parent will be able to see which applications the child uses the most.
  • ALARMS: This functionality is designed so that alarms can be programmed remotely in the devices.
  • APP CONTROL: This is one of the most important modules of the service, due to its great utility in mobile devices. Here you will be allowed to block the use of certain applications, or even set a time of daily use.
  • BREAKS: It is designed so that parents can schedule breaks in which the child can not use the device.
  • EMERGENCIES: This module is composed by a widget that can be added in device. This widget is a button that can be pressed by the child when they are in danger, and will automatically send the parents their location, an image captured at that time and the exact date you pressed.
  • CALL CONTROL: Designed so that parents can see the contacts in your child’s agenda and block those numbers that are not to your liking. Also block calls from any unknown number.
  • WEB CONTROL: Another of the most important features of SecureKids. With the web control parents can manage what content the child can see on the internet.
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Parental Control SecureKids

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From SecureKids we encourage you to try our tool or any other, in order that you can create a safe environment for your children.

There are many dangers on the Internet

Another fact that is of great concern to parents is the large number of cases of cyberbullying that are occurring in recent times. Adding some of these applications can alleviate some of the harassment that your child may be subjected to. It is also clear that you should always talk to them and educate them in every way so they have the ability to know where they can navigate and where not.

danger ciberbullying

I hope this serves to awaken some parents who live asleep and oblivious to all these technological advances.

The Internet is the largest library in the world, let’s use it with head, both old and young!

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