3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Infants 13/11/2019

When it comes to babies, we get into a complete whole new world, we ignore most of the facts about them and the reason is that we interact with adults and kids mostly on a daily basis. This explains why we know so little about babies!

Today, we explain the facts about infants that we probably didn’t know. Here we have the 3 most fascinating facts about them!


Babies can hear us while sleeping

Parents think their babies can’t hear them when they are asleep, but this is far from the truth. Babies’ brains are highly responsive even if they are sleeping as their brains are in a constant development. This means we have to stimulate their sleep, but…

What can we do for a better sleep when we are not in the same room?

Baby white noises are the best option as it ensures that the baby has an uninterrupted sleep. Make sure the baby gets those quality sleeping hours as they are at a stage in which their brain development is crucial.

Amnesia til the age of five

Don’t remember what happened in your early childhood? All babies have this elusive period in which they can’t remember their early ages, this elusive period is embraced by an intriguing amnesia combined with flashes of memory with no coherent connection.
Having no memories of this period is nothing to worry about, this happens as the baby brain is not developed enough to store memories, depending on the baby this period might get longer until the age of five or six.
Most of the brain activity of infants occurs in the occipital cortex, which is in charge of different functional visual areas, this is basically why babies are so amazed by the light.

Irregular breathing

Did you know that most babies suffer from irregular breathing from birth? However, most breathing irregularities resolve themselves after 6 months. A newborn baby can take up to 60 breaths per minute when awake and 20 breaths per minute when asleep, while the rate of an adult is 12 to 20 breaths per minute.
The reason why babies breathe so fast is because their lungs fill their chest cavity, as they grow, their chest cavity grows increasing their lung capacity.
So, irregular breathing shouldn’t worry you unless you notice a change in their breathing pattern, if you do so, don’t panic and get in touch with a doctor. They can check what the breathing problem might be.


Some babies can be born with teeth! Yes, exactly! We know that infants are born with no teeth, but we haven’t seen babies born with teeth, and obviously, this is something unique as it only happens to 1 out of every 2000 babies. These teeth are known as ‘natal teeth’ and they don’t require any intervention unless they cause feeding problems to the baby.

We hope you learnt something new about babies with this article, and if you know more fascinating facts like these ones, please share it with our community in the comment section!
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