Parental Control

Knowing how to block a website on a mobile or tablet device can be an arduous task. The vast majority of people do not even know where to start. Is there a service that can do this? Do they have to do it themselves? Or can you even do it? If you are one of these people do not worry, because here’s how to block a website (yes, any page), in a very simple and easy way.

The feature which is the most important of all to me (and they are quite some ;)) is the SecureKids Stats. Using this feature you can check how much time your children spend using their devices. What’s even more, you can see when, how and, most of all, on what your children spend their time while using their phones.

There are a lot of minors with Android devices, either because there is a wider price range or because the domain this Google Operating System has on the market. What is clear is the fact that many parents choose this type of devices for their children and in many cases it is the first time the minors have a technological device owned by them.

Even though has a great number of features, there is always something you could miss, either because we can’t do everything or because there are some features we are not able to improve or develop. This is the case of Youtube, as it belongs to the almighty Google, it has its own parental control to control the videos minors can watch.

We have already mentioned in this other article how to use in the best possible way and make the most of the web control feature of SecureKids. In future articles or posts on this blog, we’ll talk about other functions which this SecureKids tool has. In this article, I would like to explain how to install and run this parental control tool in the devices of minors, and how you parents should use it.