Smart technologies that can keep your kids safe at home 03/10/2019

Every year, about 3 million children are treated in hospitals for injuries sustained at home as a result of falls, furniture tip-overs and toy-related injuries, according to the Safe Kids Worldwide Home Safety Fact Sheet of 2015. These are worrying statistics for every parent, but since young children spend most of their time at home, a thorough analysis of the potential dangers children face at home can enable parents to take the necessary steps to keep them safe. Fortunately, modern technology has created various tools that parents can use to make their homes safer for kids.

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Remote home monitoring systems.

One of the things that most parents worry about is what their kids are up to when home alone. But thanks to remote home monitoring systems, you can easily keep an eye on the inside and outside of your home using strategically placed cameras and various types of sensors. These systems allow you to view what’s happening in your home from your smartphone or computer, even if you’re thousands of miles away. Even when you’re at home, you can use a monitoring system to ensure that your kids are not doing something that could get them in trouble in other parts of the house.

Baby monitoring system.

One of the hardest things, particularly for new parents, is having to leave a baby alone in their room. Even when you’ve already baby-proofed your home, it’s still hard to feel comfortable with leaving the room without a view of what’s going on in there. This is where baby monitors come in. With a baby monitor, you can listen to your baby to know when he/she wakes up. Modern baby monitors also allow you to watch your baby’s room in real-time and control various aspects of the room, such as the lighting, music and temperature. Some even have motion sensors to let you know when your baby is moving or not moving.

Fire and carbon monoxide detector.

A smoke, fire or carbon monoxide related incident at home can be extremely dangerous, and the key to preventing it lies in early detection. A device like the Nest Protect can detect smoke, fire or carbon monoxide in your home, and alert you and other people you choose immediately so that you can spring into action. If, for instance, you’re grilling, and the device detects the smoke as a threat, you can easily shut it off from your phone. Thanks to this device, you can prevent fires or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, or at least get some time to get your children to a safe place.

Every parent has a responsibility to make their home a haven for their kids: the one place where they are protected from all threats. Thankfully, there are many modern devices that you can install at home to prevent mishaps and alert you when things are not right. While the price of some of these tools can be high, the peace of mind is worth is well-worth the cost.

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