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Locate a mobile can be a difficult and annoying task, but also necessary, as there may be many situations where it is essential. It may have been lost. They may have stolen it. Or we may need to know where our son/daughter is. So it is possible that at some point need to locate a mobile.

For all these cases, the solution may not be too easy. Chances are, if you have lost, will never meet again. Not to mention, if they have stolen is not normal to see it again. In these cases, there is no more to go to the store and buy us a new one. Although, of course, we first have to cancel the lost or stolen card.

Besides knowing the location of the device, you can also ask yourself what is my ip, since with the ip of the device you can know which is the location from which it is connected, if it is wifi.

SecureKids geolocation

Locate a child’s mobile

But locating the cell of our son/daughter is something that can be used for more situations that could give us an extra peace of mind. For example, one of the main concerns is there today when our son/daughter out for the first time alone. It may be a birthday or a friend’s house. This is a moment that has to happen, and very important for having their autonomy and will gradually become adults.

The big problem most people have when locating a mobile, is the fact that there are not many ways to accomplish this task. And there are, mostly, for experts who know exactly how to perform. Because in many cases, to provide a series of data that not all know the cell.

A good solution to this problem is to locate child’s mobile, and see in real time where it is and where it goes. Furthermore, if we add to this that when I had a problem I could notify quickly by emergency button, this would give us an extra peace of mind.

You can with SecureKids

As you know (and if not I remember to you), SecureKids has a lot of features to protect the devices of your kids in a really simple and intuitive way (or at least we try, you can send us your feedback through our ). Some of these features are, for example, Web Control, Call Control or Application Control, which we explained in our section, in our .

locate mobile with SecureKids

But not only we have these features in SecureKids, but one of the most important, is the Geolocation. With this feature you can find immediately where your children’s mobile.

Just enter the admin panel and click on the section Geolocation (brown color). Here you can learn the location of the mobile quickly. Without any delay. You only need to activate it and you know where your son/daughter is.

Obviously, to have the function to locate the mobile of your son/daughter must have SecureKids first application installed on this. Below is a link to it. You can also have the fatherapp in your own cell and manage all of its features from the application.

Parental Control SecureKids icon

Parental Control SecureKids

By Grupo Deidev

v0.23 10MB

50.000 - 100.000

But this is not all, but also in the application itself SecureKids also has an . With this button your son/daughter can alert you immediately if they are in danger. So simply click on this button and you automatically got an email alerting emergency. It also includes an image so you can know exactly what is happening.

Location cellphone

This is not everything

This is just the beginning of security we intend to provide. Soon other features to locate a mobile even better, such as geozones, where you can make safe or unsafe areas, and receive a notification whenever the small access or exit those areas will be added. Or a Geo record, where you can see the locations of the mobile during the last 24 hours.

Now with SecureKids we hope that parents can be more relaxed and give your children the confidence to have their first mobile. You know how to locate a mobile with SecureKids. And when in doubt about where they are or loss of it you can locate.

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