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Knowing how to block a website on a mobile or tablet device can be an arduous task. The vast majority of people do not even know where to start. Is there a service that can do this? Do they have to do it themselves? Or can you even do it? If you are one of these people do not worry, because here’s how to block a website (yes, any page), in a very simple and easy way.

To avoid making you go to another site, you should use SecureKids, you can download it from Google Play Store.

seguridad infantil

Block a website step by step

Along this article we will explain how can you block a website on any Android device. Whether the family tablet, son’s/daughter’s mobile, or even yours.

The first step is downloading an application for parental control like SecureKids. With SecureKids, you can make a ton of actions to protect your children’s devices quickly.

You can not just block a website, but you can also block applications, calls, or even lock the device at scheduled times. Besides this, you can locate your children’s devices at any time or your children can contact you in case of emergency.

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Parental Control SecureKids

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You can see every we have done for you, so you’ll know how to use SecureKids and you can make the most of this fantastic tool.

Once you have downloaded in your children SecureKids devices, you can begin protecting their mobile phones or tablets with SecureKids.

You can also have the Father App

WATCH OUT! Remember that you can also have the app SecureKids on your own device, with which you can manage mobile and tablets of your children from the app. You just have to install as “Father”. With this you can now enter the SecureKids management panel and enable web filters, block applications or know the place where your children are. It is really simple to use, and you can do it very easily.

In addition, the device will send you notifications if your children request permission to enter the application you’ve blocked them until they do their homework ?

Know our tool to block internet websites

Do you already have the app installed SecureKids on the mobile or tablet of your children? Well now we can explain you how to block a website from here.


Block web pages from our management panel

Login at the SecureKids . You already in? Great. So what you see there so colorful is our management panel, with which you can manage and monitor the entire device of your child. Each color represents one of the features with which you can do many steps to protect your children. Before I have talked about them, but I’ll refresh your memory:

  • Applications control, that you see purple.
  • Web Control, the one I’ll explain now, it is blue.
  • Call Control, yes, it is that green one.
  • Breaks, you see this module in yellow.
  • Emergency in red.
  • Alarms, with a pink colour.
  • Geolocation is very great indeed and it is brown.
  • Statistics, you only see the gray, but when your children use their mobile, it displays graphs and statistics.
  • Devices, on right side of the panel, in white colour.

User this is our management panel, panel this is our user.

panel securekids_en

Great! Once submitted, and as I promised, now I’m going to explain you how to block a website.

Within the SecureKids management panel, you see, as I said before, the blue color is the web control. That is, from here you can block every web page you want. Exactly as you want, if it’s in Internet we can block it ?

Come in, I’ll explain you!

Block Web filters

In this article we will explain how web filters exceptions work, but do not worry, we will explain white list in another article. I promise.

When you enter the web pages blocking functionality, you can see that you enter the section of web filters, where you can block web pages depending on their contents. This way you can block the following categories of web pages.

The setting of this section is very simple, you just have to click on the filter you want to activate, if you want to activate any of them. As you see we have a lot of filters, related to some contents:

  • Sports.
  • Religion.
  • Social networks.
  • Violence.
  • Pornography.
  • Drugs.
  • Politics.

block web filter

If you click on enable web filters, you can access and configure them as you wish.

To activate one of them, you just have to click on the button next to it and be activated.

You can change a filter or not, as you wish. No problem if you do not want to turn any web filter. If what you want is to block only the web page that your child does not stop entering and lose so much time, you can too. How?

How to block a website

If you look at the top of the filters, you’ll notice a yellow line remarking “Web Filter”, and along with this section “Exceptions” is. Click on it.

By doing this a message appear saying that “no exceptions …”, that’s because you have not included any exception.

To add an exception to this list what you must do is to click on the yellow button on the right side. Yes, the one you see with the plus sign. CLICK on it!

If you listened me and you clicked on the yellow button, a box, chaired by a message saying that we are very close to achieving our goal will appear. “Adding an exception”.

Now you just have to add the website you want to block.

When you add the website you want to block, with this you have the option of placing it as blocked or allowed. I do not think you will get confused, but I’ll explain. By clicking on blocked the website will be blocked on mobile or tablet of your children. If you press on allowed, this website can always be seen from mobile, going through any filter you enabled.

In this case I will block the website twitter.

new exceptions

You see how easy it is! Just put the web page you want and lock on the mobile phone or tablet your child.

Thus when your children come into google and want to see the twitter website, for example, they will find a lock screen with which one may ask permission, or close and desist from access.


Now unlocks a web page

As blocking websites on the devices is not everything you will do on your children’s devices, we also explain how to unlock them.

Once you already have one or more locked pages, if you want to unlock them you can do it from the same place from which you locked. Yes friends, I’m talking about the exceptions of the filters.

I have already explained above how to get exceptions filters, yes, it is a little above.

To remove this exception you set previously, what you must do is within the exceptions, click on the logo of the website you want to unlock. In my case twitter.

Once you have checked the web page you want to unlock, just click on the trash icon that is just above the yellow button with the “add” icon.

With this GIF I explain better.

delete twitter exception

Well, you know how to block any Web page you want on the devices of your children. So now you just have to learn a little more about SecureKids. As I got to the top we have tutorials for it. Check them out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, see you in the next tutorial.

By the way! You can download SecureKids in the Google Play Store. It’s free!

Parental Control SecureKids icon

Parental Control SecureKids

By Grupo Deidev

v0.23 10MB

50.000 - 100.000

I hope this little tutorial on how to block a website has been to your liking, and has helped you with your problem. Is that so? We are pleased.

If you like do not forget to share it on your social networks. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below.

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