4 games for children to enjoy this Halloween 31/10/2018

Today is the night of Hallowen. It’s a wonderful party so you do not have to worry about mobile devices. That is why we are not going to talk about parental control or child protection, not even about technology or mobile devices. In this interesting list, we will collect funny games so that the youngest of the house enjoy a night of fear.

4 juegos para halloween

Fun without mobile devices! Because not everything was going to be about new technologies.

Hide and seek in the darkness

This game is a version of the classic game of hide and seek. You only need a room in the dark (make sure there are no objects that can fall or be dangerous). All children get inside, trying to hide as good as possible. Only one will stay out, counting up to ten. Then he will enter the room to locate the others. He must find all players hidden in the dark!

Trick or Treating

We have seen this tradition of Hallowen many times in movies. It consists of dressing up and going door to door asking for candy. When they open the door the children say: “trick or treat!” and if they do not receive treats they usually make some joke (you have to make sure that what they prepare for the joke is something that bother the neighbors), we must avoid the hooligans, of course.

Bite the apple

There are two versions of this game, one more traditional and a newer one, but both are equally fun. We will need a good amount of apples, which the children in turns will have to catch using only the mouth. For the first version, a container filled with water is used, in which the apples float. The second game consists in hanging the apple in a thread or cord of the ceiling.


We will use white wool or something that simulates a web and we will entangle it in a room (tables, chairs, furniture, etc). We will leave some prizes hooked in the web, or on the floor, for the children to find them. We will set a time limit so that each child can explore the room being careful not to get caught in the cobwebs. We can also hang toy spiders to give a more terrifying touch.

We hope that the little ones in the house enjoy these games as much as you do in our parental control, SecureKids. Download it for free to avoid scares with your little ones.

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