An equipped home for the 21st century 05/09/2019

In this modern world we live in, technology has a essential role, either to get in touch with our friends and relatives or to enjoy ourselves watching a series using the internet in multiple devices.

This technology is not just limited to our laptop or latest smartphone we own, but it also has a special role in our home. Thus, we’re going to show you a list of home devices we recommend you to have so you can say your home lives in the 21st century.

Before continuing with the list of home devices and services your home should have, a vital service we strongly recommend is a good internet conection. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the most out of all the devices we show you here. That’s why you should get a lineland-free broadband for your home.

Smart home

Any 21st century home should have the following technology

  • A TV with an internet conection and SmartTV. If you want to watch your favorite series in your TV at home, this is the best choice. Having a TV that is a SmartTV means being able to watch your favorite series on Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime in a comfortable way.
  • Air conditioning connected to your smartphone.This way you can control your house temperature anywhere in the world. You’d be able to turn it on from your office, so when you get home, it’s got the perfect temperature. What’s more, being able to control your air conditioning from your smartphone means saving money, as you can control when you want to turn it on or off when you’re out and you don’t need to turn it on at maximum power when you get home, but rather in a more gradual way.
  • A fridge with internet conection. Surely many times you’re doing the groceries and you don’t remember even half of what products you have in your fridge. Well, with a smart fridge you’d be able to know and check what products you have, so you won’t forget your grocery list. In addition, you can also buy your groceries from your fridge, purchasing the products without the need of going to the supermarket, as the smart fridge itself knows what products you want and which needs to be bought.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner. Are you tired of cleaning your house? With a robot vacuum cleaner you can save some effort cleaning your house, just place it in a corner in your house and it will start what it knows best, vacuuming the floor. You won’t broom again, saving you some time everyday that you can use to watch your favorite series, for instance.

There are many other devices suitable for your home, but we think you can start with these ones and keep adding new smart devices in the future.

Having these devices in your home means saving money everyday, and having more spare time that you can spend with your friends or partner. However, you have to bear in mind these devices need a powerful and fast internet conection, don’t forget to hire the best one!

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