10 Cibersecurity tips for gaming consoles and online video games 14/03/2019

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Cybersecurity video games is not a game. Like other electronic devices, they run the same risk of a cyber attack, since most of them works connected to the Internet. Therefore, they require the same level of security and caution.

The dangers are the same as those that run any device, if you leave the path open to a cyberattacker. Through your video game console, you could access personal data, credit card information or even make incursions into your privacy through a webcam. The problem is that most users of these devices are unaware of this risk, and do not take the appropriate measures.

The users do not know that the level of security of the games can be improved, and they usually end up leaving the pre-configuration that brings the device by default, without making any type of update to the software. In many cases, they do not take the precaution of using strong passwords, repeating those used in other devices and services.

Ciberseguridad en videojuegos

Hackers and online video games

Video games allow interaction with other players, a tool that improves the gaming experience and competitiveness, however, this space exposes the user to possible attacks that open the doors to cyber attackers to obtain private data and information and much more.

Stealing virtual money, stealing player accounts (pishing), online traps where the game is modified to gain advantage over other players, steal personal data or credit cards, or even get to control the user’s device through malwares to use them for illicit purposes, are the main objectives of a hacker in the world of video games, and if you do not take the basic measures, you could be a victim of any of them.

Children are the most vulnerable to attract a hacker, they do not have the same caution and do not know where they click, they could download a virus, or worse, be the victim of a stalker or criminal.

Cybersecurity tips for gaming consoles and online video games

Therefore, it is advisable to follow some basic cybersecurity measures for video games and online games, which will allow you to continue enjoying the game with peace of mind. Here are some tips:

  1. Do not reuse passwords used in other games or devices, because if it is compromised, they will have access to other services.
  2. Eliminate the protection measures predetermined by the manufacturer, change them and adjust them to your specifications.
  3. Do not trust any notification that asks you to change your username and password.
  4. Download the games from the official websites.
  5. In the case of computers and mobile phones, always keep an updated antivirus.
  6. Avoid entering your credit card information, unless it is strictly necessary.
  7. Establish strict parental controls for your children to prevent them from entering unknown pages or links.
  8. Inform them of basic notions of cybersecurity that are appropriate to their age.
  9. Monitor and control what they access on the internet.
  10. Protect important files that you save on the mobile devices you use to play. You can useHushApp and make sure that in case of a cyber attack, your information will be safe.

No doubt these games provide entertainment for the whole family, from the oldest to the youngest. However, we should not leave aside the awareness of cybersecurity in video games.Everybody can be possible victims of cyber attacks.

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