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SecureKids in the press

How can SecureKids help you

It’s really easy to configure SecureKids parental control, you don’t have to be an expert, nor have any knowledge on the matter, you just have to want to protect the minors. This is because we consider it’s really important to expand the parental control in every house, so we are constantly improving the usability of the management panel, so parents can control and monitor their children’s devices in a useful, fast and handy way.

With SecureKids you can make many prevention tasks on the minors devices such as, allow or block applications on the device, filter web contents, for example secually explicit content, activate safe searches, manage the incoming and outcoming calls or monitor the statistics of use of the mobile or tablet.

SecureKids parental control works as a help to educate the children, allowing them to be in a comfortable and safe environment.

  • 96% of children lose attention during lessons because of mobiles.

  • 70% use mobile devices during launches.

  • 58% admit to be more attracted to the use of mobile devices than to spend time studying.

  • 33% are constantly thinking about their mobile devices.

  • 56% always use their mobile phones during lessons.

  • 88% suffer anxiety when they don’t receive fast answers to their messages.

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