Web Control SecureKids

Manage what websites can be accessed in the protected device.

With SecureKids parental control you can manage what websites your children access and how they use them.

For the younger kids we have created a simple but effective system to protect their sensibility. Simply add a list of web pages that can be accessed from the device and any other website not on that list becomes automatically inaccessible.

We also offer a selection of filters to choose from, giving them freedom to surf around the rest of websites, but preventing them to access sites that are not proper for them, depending on the filters chosen. You can also customise those filters whitelisting or blacklisting any other website not included in them.

On the other hand, we have created different security levels to protect the access our children have in a more thorough way. You can choose what search engines they use, ranging from a permissive level to a more secure one, allowing even the use of SafeSearch, blocking the content that Google considers inappropriate for minors.