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How to check Stats with SecureKids

The feature which is the most important of all to me (and they are quite some ;)) is the SecureKids Stats. Using this feature you can check how much time your children spend using their devices. What’s even more, you can see when, how and, most of all, on what your children spend their time while using their phones.

It is one of the most important features, as with it you, father or mother, can find out the use your children are doing with their smartphones, in a simple way and everything on just a screen. So if your children spend too much time on their social media, you can limit the time they spend on social media by blocking the access of Facebook or Twitter, ( here you can check how), and limit the time they can spend on their apps (in this tutorial we show you how).

Its use is so simple, and we will explain to you how to check how much time your children spend on their smartphones.

Let’s explain Statistics

Once on the SecureKids panel (you have to have an account to access it, if you don’t have one here we explain how to create an account, or you can sign up straight away from here). In the main menu, click on “Statistics”. Now you will see a massive panel which seems difficult to understand, but don’t be fooled my friend!

The first thing you find when you get in the Statistics is a chart which shows how many hours and minutes your children spend using the smartphone, this chart can be just one chart or many charts depending on the number of devices you have SecureKids. You can change the view of this chart: ”Last 24 hours”, “Last week” and “Last month”. You can find the different options on the submenu just above the chart.

Below the first chart, there is another one, a pie chart. This chart, divided by colors, shows you the most used app categories: Sports, Social Media, Games, Chatting Apps, Browsers, Education, Internet and Others. This use will be shown in ”Percentages”.

Just on the side of this pie chart you have a “Most used Apps” list, where the most used apps are displayed in order and the hours and minutes your children spent on these Apps.

You thought it was more difficult? It seems more difficult than what it really is, but following these instructions you will get to know and understand on what your children spend their time when using their smartphones.

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