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How to configure your device for SecureKids

On Android devices, there are a variety of versions and modifications made by the device brands themselves. These modifications cause problems in the use of SecureKids, since the service may stop working or simply does not perform it correctly.

In this article we guide you in a wide variety of devices and brands so you can configure the SecureKids service correctly and have no problem when using the parental control service.

Choose your device brand ?


In the devices of the Samsung brand it is necessary to perform two steps to activate the notifications in the SecureKids app.

First, you must Prioritize SecureKids notifications. We explain how to do it in the following steps:

Once this step is done, we must exclude SecureKids from battery optimization. For it:


OnePlus on Android 7.0 or earlier

For OnePlus devices that have Android versions 7.0 or earlier you should make sure that the SecureKids application is configured to start automatically, so follow these steps:


OnePlus on Android 8.0 or earlier

In the case of OnePlus devices with versions of Android 8.0 or higher, the changes you must make are two, follow these steps to solve it:

First of all, you should check that the storage of the applications is configured to be deleted in a normal way, for this:

Second, you must exclude the SecureKids app from battery optimization, to do this you must follow these steps:


OnePlus 3

In case of OnePlus 3 devices, we must adjust the optimization of the battery to allow SecureKids notifications when it is acting in the background.

To perform this action you must follow these steps:



Finally, if we have a device of the OPPO brand, we must perform 4 steps so that the notifications work correctly.

First, we must configure SecureKids as a protected application, for this:

Second, we must make the device ignore battery optimization for SecureKids. To do this, follow these steps:

We must also allow notifications from the SecureKids app, which we explain here:

Finally, you must add the SecureKids app to the Start Manager.


Asus Zenfone Android 7.0

To activate notifications on Asus Zenfone devices with versions of Android 7.0, you must follow the following two steps:

First, you must incorporate the SecureKids app to start automatically, for this:

Now, we must configure SecureKids as a protected app. Follow these steps:


Asus Zenfone 2

In this case we must make sure that the SecureKids app has the necessary permission to run when the device starts.



To activate SecureKids notifications on these devices you must perform two steps.

First you must activate SecureKids to run when you start the device:

Second, you must configure SecureKids as a protected application. For it:



To activate notifications on Lenovo branded devices, you must set the automatic start.

For it:


In addition, due to the energy saving options on your child’s device, when the device has very little battery, it enters a basic state where most applications are deactivated and among them SecureKids.

To try to solve it please try to review these options:



On ZTE brand devices with Android versions 6 or higher, you must configure the device’s battery saving options.

To configure it, you must follow these steps:


Once these steps have been followed, you have already configured your ZTE device for the correct operation of the SecureKids service.


On WIKO devices with Android 6 or higher operating system, you must perform a series of operations that you must follow for the correct operation of the SecureKids service.

In order to use the SecureKids service, you must follow these steps to configure the device’s battery saving settings:



If you have a Meizu device and you have problems with the SecureKids service, you must perform some actions to prevent the device from stopping the App on its own and causing our protection to fail.

First you must configure SecureKids as a protected application, to do this:

You must also assign a sufficient battery consumption plan so that our service has the necessary resources, to do so:

Finally, we must ensure that the system does not stop the SecureKids service, following these steps:


Once you have followed the steps that we have explained, your WIKO device will be correctly configured to use the SecureKids service.

If all these options are found correctly and the problems continue, please contact us again to work on another solution.

It was easy right? You already have the SecureKids service configured, now it’s time to enjoy SecureKids protection.

If you have a Huawei device, you can see the settings you should make in this article about Huawei . However, if you have a Xiaomi, you must follow the steps that we indicate in a specific article for Xiaomi .

If you have problems with the SecureKids service on another device that is not on this list, you can contact us by writing to support@securekids.es .

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